Friday, December 14, 2012

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In these times, numerous surveys have been made and showed that about 1/6 of the world population does NOT believe in God nor in the Bible. The existence of the universe, the planets, the galaxies, the solar systems, the planet earth, the variety of life forms on earth, the ability of the earth to sustain life, the way and positioning of your head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, the way your nails, fingers, thumb, hand is made, how it grips perfectly, your immune system, your cardio-vascular system, the superiority of your brain, mind, and reasoning, the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals, the food chain in nature, and all the countless numbers of proofs of design and that a MASTER DESIGNER must have caused all these to come to existence. The Bible proves,

Act 17:24  The God who made the universe and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth. He doesn't live in shrines made by humans,
Act 17:25  and he isn't served by humans as if he needed anything. He gives everyone life, breath, and everything they have.
Act 17:26  From one man he has made every nation of humanity to live all over the earth. He has given them the seasons of the year and the boundaries within which to live.
Act 17:27  He has done this so that they would look for God, somehow reach for him, and find him. In fact, he is never far from any one of us.
Act 17:28  Certainly, we live, move, and exist because of him. As some of your poets have said, 'We are God's children.' 

I was an unbeliever before but now I embrace the faith in God, that God must have planned and designed all of these.

If you do not believe in God, therefore you believe that everything must have been caused by ACCIDENT and that you can not deny that you yourself is the result of an accident.

The purpose of these articles is to declare the glory of GOD, THE MASTER DESIGNER.

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