Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How many chapters, verses, words in the 4 gospels

How many chapters in the 4 gospels? Answer: 89 chapters

Matthew - 28
Mark - 16
Luke - 24
John - 21

Total chapters in the four gospels is 89

How many verses in the 4 gospels? Answer: 3779 verses

Matthew - 1071
Mark - 678
Luke - 1151
John - 879

Total verses in the four gospels is 3779
[Note: Some verses are disputed to be maliciously added...]

How many words in the 4 gospels? Answer: 64,766 words (GNT)

Matthew - 18,345
Mark - 11,304
Luke - 19,482
John - 15,635

Total words in the four gospels is 64,766 words based on Greek New Testament translation.

[Note: Number of words depend on the version of translation, therefore this is variable.]


  1. Thank you too Jeane Gutierrez. This has been a great help.

  2. Thank you this is very helpful

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for these numbers! Do you happen to have these information about every single books of the Bible?
    Also do you have a detailed list of the number of words in each of the chapters/verses in each of the books?
    And finally do you have these numbers showing maybe the amount of letters in each of the verses?
    If no, do you have any idea how one could generate those numbers?