Thursday, June 20, 2013

TEACHINGS & MINISTRY OF JESUS - Gabriel muted Zechariah

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TEACHINGS & MINISTRY OF JESUS - from the 4 Gospels combined
Location: inside the temple

Time: time of burning of incense

Context, Entities: Zechariah did not believe Gabriel, Zechariah can't speak, Elizabeth conceived

Summary Points:
- Zechariah is old and Elizabeth is barren & old
- Zechariah did not believe Gabriel's words of good news
- Zechariah muted, unable to talk until the fulfillment of Gabriel's message
- Zechariah was delayed because of his vision in the temple
- Zechariah made signs to the people outside the temple who are waiting for him
- Elizabeth conceived
- Elizabeth hid herself for 5 months during pregnancy of John

Reference Verses:

Luke 1:18-25

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