Friday, June 14, 2013

TEACHINGS & MINISTRY OF JESUS - Angel Gabriel Announces John's Birth to Zechariah

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Location: Judea

Time: Reign of King Herod

Context, Entities:
Gabriel, Zechariah, Elizabeth, birth of John the Baptist

Summary Points:

  • - father of John was Zechariah, priest of the division of Abijah
  • - mother of John was Elizabeth of the daughters of Aaron
  • - John's parents both righteous before God, obeying all the commandments and statutes
  • - they had no child, Elizabeth was barren and very old, Zechariah also very old
  • - Gabriel appeared on right side of the altar of incense while Zechariah was inside the temple of the Lord to burn incense
  • - people were praying outside the temple
  • - Gabriel said that Zechariah's prayer has been heard and Elizabeth will have a son who will be named John

Reference Verses:

Luke 1:5-13

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